The story of the door handle

From its creation & design to its delivery to the customer.

We start with the concept & design of the handle and the suitable construction for perfect functionality. We cannot only consider the attractive appearance, but above all the function and capabilities of our technology. We continue with the production of moulds and fixtures for the forge and subsequent machining on CNC machines. When designing a suitable shape we must also take into account the capabilities of the robotic and manual workstation, not all shapes can be perfectly machined and polished.

And when we have a perfectly prepared surface of the product the next step begins and that is the surface treatment, which has many problems and its specific parameters. Even if we have the latest plating technology there are many aspects and technological limits that we all have to take into account. And if we manage this, we can market innovative, quality products from the Czech manufactory with the M&T brand to our customers.

Under one roof manufactory & construction

We design, engineer and manufacture important components for flawless hardware functionality in one facility

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