Assembly of fittings

Design fitting is crucial for choosing the right model for most customers. But the main thing is its functionality. Fittings belong to requested products for every building, every project. Its long - time functionality and reliability should be primary for choosing the right model for the right type of doors and windows.

”Assembly is a very important part of the proper fitting functionality, entrust this activity to our trained professionals”

Petr Ulich
head of production

M&T is fully aware of that and therefore is assembly our number one by choosing the right fitting. Already with construction we prepare new products with an emphasis on the quality and fast assembly. That is why we designed the PROFI drilling template for mounting rosettes of door fitting that is universal for all lock sizes. We never underestimate the assembly, do not underestimate it either please. 

M&T PROFI template

Our PROFI template is designed for drilling precise holes used for fast and quality assembly of all the M&T rosette fittings. The unique construction of the drilling template allows universal use on all dimensions /distance of door locks as well as all variants of locks. The patented product that should not be missed by any mounting of rosette fitting M&T.

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Manufactury and&construction under one roof

We design, construct and manufacture important components for a perfect fitting functionality in one area

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