Often questions

Because we are specialists in handles and fittings and we know about our products everything important we can immediately answer your questions that we often hear about.

How to choose material of handles?

The material must be in a good quality, because handles are one of the most frequent products of each object. We only use the best materials, ie. brass or stainless steel. In any case we do not recommend to buy the fitting made of Zamak (an inexpensive metal alloy). It is a porous material with a problematic of galvanic plating, with very poor adhesion and abrasion resistance of the surface (surface gets soon rubbing). Before buying any fittings, speak to your dealer and inform about the right material. Here an overview of sales points.

How to choose the surface of handles?

Choose the surface carefully by location (interior / exterior), the colours and materials see in our offer. There are all of the information about surface variants and application possibilities.

Can I install the fitting M&T by myself?

The fitting should have as its main priority, long - term functionality, ie. the perfect door opening. Therefore you never underestimate the mounting of fittings and ask our experts. Browse through the network of sales and services M&T, where you can choose your fittings and arrange the professional assembly. Here an overview of sales points

Is a security rosette safe enough?

The security rosette meets all safety requirements as a  security fitting on the plate, ie. fully replaces the  previous fitting on the plates. As well it nicely fits to the design rosettes fitting for interior doors. Attention: Arrange with your door manufacturer a preparation for a security rosette into the front door ahead, in order to avoid the automatic preparation of holes for a fitting on the plates. See more about the security rosettes

What is a titanium?

Titanium is an extraordinary surface with exceptional qualities, which is increasingly used in the production of special medical instruments, cutting tools, aerospace and automotive industries, luxury watches and also handles M&T.. See more information about titanium

What fitting is for interior and what for exterior?

Fitting M&T is made of quality materials, ie. brass and stainless steel. These materials are suitable for both indoors and outdoors. But some of the surface finishes are limited. We also offer an option with a lifetime guarantee... Here are the particular information about each surface finish and using

We bought "no name" fitting and would like to replace it with a  high - quality branded M&T.. but we have drilled the door already, what should we do?

Even if you have already the door drilled for nonstandard fitting, we have prepared two versions of fix sets that allow you to install the fitting M&T in a state as if the fitting would assembled for new doors with a full warranty for the handle mechanics. Our authorized dealer will help you to change it.

My fitting is dirty, how can I clean it?

Mostly there is a dirt / stain caused by water precipitated on the surface of the handle... therefore do not leave remaining water on the fitting and wipe it always dry. Once you have dark spots on your fitting, it can be rubbed out with a bit harder school eraser or clean with a cloth with the cleaner Sidol. There is information about cleaning of different surfaces.

How to correctly identify the orientation of the door left / right?

When you open the door towards you, the left door have the hinges located on the left site and we open it from left to right.
When you open the door towards you, the right door have the hinges located on the right site and we open it from right to left.

How to correctly identify the orientation of the left handle / right handle?

The left handle always points toward the left door hinges and naturally we hold it with the left hand.
The right handle always points toward the right door hinges and naturally we hold it with the right hand.

In what price categories are M&T door handles?

Total we have 444 models of handles in M&T differentiated by finish surface, respectively construction and rosette versions. 69 models cost up to CZK 1000, 247 models up to CZK 2000, 109 up to CZK 3000, 19 models cost over CZK 3000 without VAT.

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