Our benefits

M&T has thanks to own construction, production and assembly in one area number of advantages and benefits. We continuously design and develop increasingly sophisticated and pleasing products. We use new technologies and manufacturing processes for new shapes and materials of handles and other additional products. We use only the high quality materials i.e. brass and stainless steel. In our manufactory we prepare both structural / mechanical part of products as well as visual / surface manufacturing operations and processes. We are leaders in the application of metal surfaces in different shades with a long time guarantee. Most of the products we are able to prepare up to 10 - color applications.

M&T benefits

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Our manufacture in the Czech Republic

Our fitting is manufactured and assembled in the Czech Republic. Dispatched from warehouses in Prague, Brno, Plzen, Dobruška, Bratislava and many other branded stores equipped with presentation panels M&T.


Every year we come with new trends, designs and technological innovations. To ensure high quality products we use robotic workstation and other technological equipment which guarantee a constant quality of the final products.

Quality of surface finishes

There are advanced technologies of surface finishes, which allows us to offer an unrivalled quality of the surfaces with a  guarantee of 3 – 15 years.

Top mechanics of handles

We innovate design system of handles M&T with series of patents and upgrade individual components and the result is a precise running of handles with a quality spring and a long functionality.


We set trends not only in the Czech Republic, we constantly bring innovative solutions that appreciate customers in many countries in 4 continents. Proof of the quality and a high degree of innovation is a prestige worldwide red dot award that we won as one of the few companies in the world in the field of door fittings for the collection of fitting Minimal/Maximal.

Perfect fixation system

The patented screw-together cases system used in all product lines of fitting M&T from economical line Economy to the top design lines of fittings perfectly fixes handles and prevents loosening.  

One design - the whole project

The whole project can be designed in united design of fitting. The top offer is the line of fitting Minimal/Maximal that due to the complexity of the products, colours of surface finishes + other additional material supplements is simply the best in the world.


All M&T products provide a  guarantee of 3 - 15 years depending on the type of material and surface finish. We are on the side of our customer - during the guarantee we immediately change any faulty fittings and we do not ask for the reason why? ... We can afford it because we believe in our own products and know there is a fraction of complaints of the total production.


Carefully compare our fittings M&T with the competition and you will find out that you are getting an unrivalled product with lasting value and proven brand M&T. Our complete product range makes happy each customer. There is Economy line, which is financially favorable and competitive with low-cost Asian production, but with much better quality. Standard range of fitting always made of brass with surface finishes nickel matt SNi and glossy chrome Cr and top design lines of brass fittings series DESIGN 2006, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2017 and 2018 with titanium surfaces with a long term guarantee. Currently you will not find a better fittings with a balanced quality/price ratio on the market. Your specific request consult please personally with our dealer M&T or your request send directly to one of our branch - we will work out an objective comparison to other products.  

Brass and stainless steel material

Fittings are manufactured only from high quality materials i.e. brass or stainless steel, where we can guarantee a long term warranty. On selected surface finishes on brass we even guarantee a lifetime guarantee.

Fast and precise assembly

We have developed a mounting system that thanks to M&T professional drilling template brings comfort and accuracy during assembly fittings M&T on the door.

Guarantee of repetitive manufacture

Since year 1999 all manufactured products we continuously keep in offer and thus guarantee the possibility to buy favorite models of the same design even in the oldest models. It is a service for the customer, who can be sure about the long-term systematic work in our company.


Handles M&T have our logo on rosette for a clear information about the origin of the product, which eliminates the possibility of purchasing a copy of the inadequate quality of inexpensive material ZAMAK or stainless steel that can get rusty.

Spare parts availability

Door handles are one of the most frequent products on each project by each realization. Although the fitting M&T has a very high quality with a long-term guarantee so even this fact each component, each material has its lifetime. We are aware of that and keep constantly all components of all manufactured products on stock... there is immediately available a component which repeatedly extends the lifetime of the fitting. The fitting M&T does not end in scrap after the warranty period but will continue to fulfill its proper function.

Quality control

We have our own robotic testing room, where we continuously test newly introduced products. We monitor the cycling process on-line and evaluate the results immediately. The obtained data are used to verify the resistance of the used materials and new design solutions with their own patents.