Door handles DESIGN 2018

Handles made of massive brass and stainless steel inspired by industrial architecture of 19. and 20. century.

Unique design

Rocksor … Stanislav Fiala
A Czech architect who holds his profession in the arts sphere, far beyond the mere performance of the building. This is also the case of the Rocksor handle ... inspired by a steel bar using as a concrete reinforcement, which he sensitively incorporated into the reconstructed exceptional palaces of DRN and Špork in Prague. The Rocksor handle is an example of the using of the well-known material used in the handle design, in various shapes and design variants, used in many different projects.

Industry Squelette … Roman Ulich
M&T designer standing behind iconic handle models M&T for example the first square handle Entero, the first handle without rosette Minimal/Maximal which won an international Red dot design award. Now with a new growth ... handle Industry Squelette inspired by industrial architecture of old bridge structures. For handle making we use an old handheld technology, which give high-strength, unbelievable lightness and, at the same time, allows you to uncover the handle inside, including the mechanics for the spindle.

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