the high quality of our products is our priority, so the priority is also quality service

Product surfaces

Although the metallic surfaces of products are technologically on high level, do not let them moist.. evaporating water from the surface of the handle are precipitated and thereafter remain mineral salts, which cause spots of different colours and it is difficult to remove. Stains can be later removed with school eraser, respectively to clean with a cotton cloth and cleaner Sidol. Avoid these stains and keep the handles dry. Handles with titanium surface before using gently wipe with a cotton cloth soaked by protection M&T TITAN. After this will not be visible fingerprints and surface gets richer metallic shade.

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For the operation of handle we use the mechanics of our own construction with the patented control system, made of materials that ensure a long-term functionality of the fitting. For this reason, we can provide an extended warranty period of 36 months for any type of mechanics. Even after this warranty period, you do not have to change the whole mechanics - in many cases it is sufficient to order only some of the spare parts that are always available and thus significantly extend the life of not only the mechanics but also the whole fitting.

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Assembly & spare parts

Door handles are one of the most frequent products on each project by each realization. Although the fitting M&T has a very high quality with a long - term guarantee so even this fact each component, each material has its lifetime. We are aware of that and keep constantly all components of all manufactured products on stock ... there is immediately available a component which repeatedly extends the lifetime of the fitting. The fitting M&T does not end in scrap after the warranty period but will continue to fulfill its proper function. The most important thing for handles is their functionality, which significantly affects the professional installation of fitting on the door. If you need to help with these activities, please contact us.

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36 months warranty for all M&T products

all of our products M&T

We are leaders in technologies of surface finishes, we cooperate with technology centre, research institutes and other specialized institutions. Therefore we can provide on all our products a longer warranty than usual. For the most used surface finishes nickel matt and glossy chrome there are 36 months, for stainless steel fittings 5 years, for titanium surfaces 15 years and for massive brass products surfaces of natural brass or polished brass, we provide even a lifetime warranty.

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Warranty card

Information about the sale conditions, basic maintenance and service Read carefully the standard conditions on our Warranty Certificate and thereby get complete informations about the maintenance and M&T product handling

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