Our brand

M&T has its own distinctive aproach with benefits that characterize the brand: the production design handles lines made of massive brass, high-tech facilities but also with a large part of handwork with continuous innovation and presice solution of all product details. It is based on the traditional Czech production that allows us to professionally develop new construction solution to innovate new manufacturing and technological processes, to design inovative designs all with the brand M&T.

M&T in numbers

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125 000

complete sets M&T produced per 1 year

Our handles are manufactured in high-tech workplaces, but with a large part of handwork. This we guarantee precision of final products.

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5 460

Besides door handles we manufacture many other supplements for doors and windows.
Our motto is: one design - the whole project


models of handles at M&T

we offer an assortment of handles

  • various shapes of handles
  • various designs of rosettes
  • many surfaces and colours


registered designs and patents M&T

We are constantly improving our products and increasing industrial designs and patents.

You can find M&T in 55 countries

We are exporting to countries all over the world


dealers on our M&T team

We are a business team of professionals with technical knowledge who have an overview of the whole assortment and are constantly improving.


competent places
in the M&T area
  • polishing and grinding
  • logo making
  • galvanic plating
  • chemistry lab
  • assembly line
  • logistics & expedition
  • contracture
  • marketing & communications
  • customer service
  • M&T showrooms


factory mechanics M&T

For more than 18 years we have structurally designed and produced various mechanisms of various shapes and designs of handles, but always with the perfect functionality and installation this guarantees perfect long-term use.

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showrooms and stores M&T

For maximum customer comfort we have 5 showrooms with stores and professional staff Praha, Brno, Plzeň, Bratislava, Dobruška

  • Praha
  • Brno
  • Plzeň
  • Bratislava
  • Dobruška


priorities of our M&T brand
  • material
  • innovation
  • design
  • surfaces

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top materials of M&T handles

Our handles are made of only high quality materials:


  • Brass 65% of production
  • Stainless steel 35% of production


brand M&T

We produce and sell everything under one brand. We can design and produce an economical series of handles.

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Our Story

At the beginning they were three brothers - athletes with a strong will and clear vision to go their own ways. The company was established in 1997 to develop, manufacture and place on the market constant new design, structural and technologically unique products. These targets are gradually implemented in the design line of handles DESIGN 2000 with a titanium surface TiN in several shades DESIGN 2004, with the first real design angular handle Entero Europe, DESIGN 2006 series handles, which became the model for most manufacturers fittings of all continents DESIGN 2009 with innovative surfaces and materials, DESIGN 2011 with the new assembly and dimensional structures, DESIGN 2013 with series handles Minimal / Maximal award-winning the RED DOT, which confirmed the right way and became also a challenge for more and more collection of handles. Hereby, we can be proudly connect to the products with our brand M&T coming from the Czech design manufacture produced door handles.

Roman Ulich

Under one roof manufacture & structure

We design, construct and produce important components for a perfect fitting functionality in one area.

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