Magnetic locks

A comfortable service with closing the door without using the handle is the biggest advantage of the magnetic locks.

Magnetic lock


Magnetic mechanical lock has a similar construction to the standard mortise lock, the only difference is in the latch and counterpart.

A magnetic lock has a latch and counterpart fitted with magnets that attract each other and when you close the door latch lock engages the counterpart quieter and more efficiently than by the standard lock with classical latch. But it is not completely silent. A very important role plays structure of the door. If you want the quietest door running, avoid hollow or the honeycomb structure of door. The lock with standard latch hitting the edge of the door and makes more noise. You can see the counterpart by door looking at the edge by the non-rebated doors which disturb the complete design of door and doorframe.

Magnetic lock, which is delivered with the logo M&T, has a guarantee of 150,000 cycles, assuming proper installation into the door and frame (must be observed spacing distance between the metal counter and lock max 5 mm). The lock is suitable for rebated and non-rebated door version. For the rebated variant with a counter plate rebate of 14, 18, 22 mm. For non-rebated one adjustable striking plate of 24 mm.

For correct functionality of the lock is important to observe the following instruction:

  • choose the right gasket in the door (do not use gaskets, which push the door from the frame, because of the flat magnetic latch. The opening becomes more difficult, is uncomfortable and stiff).
  • use a quality door handle (by installing use a high-quality drilling template. After drilling, always remove the lock from the door and make it clean).
  • do not overtight the door fittings (always follow the manufacturer's instructions. Wrongly installed handle can affect poor and noisy running of the lock.)
  • magnetic lock M&T has a strong spring for a long life time. A bit tougher running is absolutely normal. Construction of locks is fitted with mechanical elements and strong springs and when they are new, put some resistance. A significant role is played by choosing the right fitting. The fitting M&T is also fitted with reversible springs because of returning to the correct horizontal position. If you count up spring forces of handles and strong spring in the lock, there is the situation described above. It changes during the time and frequency of using the door.
Summary of instructions affecting the running of the magnetic locks:
  • chosen gasket
  • installation of lock and counter plate
  • handle running
  • proper preparation before the installation
  • removal of impurities
  • correctly installed handle
Failure to follow these basic instruction can affect the running of the lock. Follow these instruction and you will be happy with our magnetic lock M&T for the long time.  

Innovation in door closing

Magnetic locks provide user comfort during the manipulation with the door. Magnetic locks M&T are structurally prepared for half groove/rebated and non-rebated doors. A welcome innovation is striking plate for non-rebated doors. The main advantage is a colour option of lock surfaces, which corresponds to the surfaces of door handles. Locks are ready in all variants locking. Locks come standard with an universal striking plate suitable for rebated and non-rebated doors.

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