Sample kits of surface finishes

Clear sample kit of all surface finishes and colours of M&T fittings

Vzorkovnice povrchů a barev
Vzorkovnice povrchů a barev



M&T fitting is made of two quality materials - stainless steel and massive brass. Each material has its own specific characteristics which allow us to prepare products with a final surface finish in a large variability for maximal customer comfort. Discover all the possibilities that we offer and become the architects of your own project.
There are clear information about materials by each surface, manufacturing technology, manufacturing dates, guarantee, usage and maintenance. All the essential information you need to know that you have carefully chosen the right product. You will find that our offer is varied and will satisfy even the most demanding customers.


Our sample kit of surface finishes should not be missed by any fitting distributors M&T... EAN 030761


We supply you with separate the most used components and thus repeatedly extend the service life of the entire fitting.


We have guarantee on all products at least 3 years, on mechanics 5 years, titan surfaces 15 years, handles from massive natural brass is lifetime guarantee.


You like one model and you will want to buy the same model in years? No problem. As the main service for the customer, we have been offering all manufactured handle models in a long term.


we protect our planet, so we design and manufacture products products with a lifetime warranty - innovative products that will survive us.