Unique collection in black matt 3D grinded surface finish with a news – continuously shining handle, that helps you with a sure open the right door even at night.

We move on design possibilities and the complete design collection of the fitting MINIMAL BLACK MATT designed for all of types of doors and windows have a brand new extraordinary surface finish. With this surface finish you are will not meet up with any handles, any fittings, only with theM&T door fitting. It is a manufactory fine handmade production with high precision and a sense of detail.

„We have incorporated innovative materials into the timeless design of the fitting, thus increasing the comfort of door control”

Roman Ulich
Company Designer


We are always a step further… as an absolute news we prepared a set of Minimal miniature light microtube, which brings you unprecedented comfort at night door opening. Our shining handles make easy to orient yourself in the dark, when you can easily open the door without the need to light the whole room and thus an interruption of the sleep of anyone else.

Door handle Minimal with a light microtube


It is not powered by any source, without batteries, without cables.
It is not a so called luminescent light that recharges over the day and after that it will last for some time to shine.

The mikrotube flashes continuously - there is no visible light in the daylight it starts to "light up" in the dark and shines all the night.

The mikrotubes light is visible at a distance of 20 m and is mainly used as a navigation / orientation mark for easy handle control at the night without a need to light the whole area with an additional light. Recommended use whenever there is a premise of even occasional "night traffic" ie. halls, children's rooms, bedrooms, toilets.

The luminosity of the mikrotube is long-lasting, gradually fading, after 20 years is the shining still about 15%.

Door fitting Minimal Black matt is made of hand grinded 3D surface finish with a striped wood effect, very pleasant to touch.

The whole project – one design

The collection has many accessories, with an option of fitting all types of doors and windows with the same design and surface finish.

Our collection includes

Door handles + key hole rosettes, cylindrical rosettes, WC (privacy) rosettes

Pull handles for wooden and glass sliding doors

HS portal's handles and pull handles

Window sink handles

Long hand grips

Locks and hinges for glass doors

Hand grips and handles for entrance and security doors, handles for aluminium profiles, door stops.

This special collection is available only by specialized M&T fittings dealers.

If you have other requests do not hesitate to contact us.
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Unique collection in black matt 3D grinded surface finish with a news – continuously shining handle, that helps you with a sure open the right door even at night.

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