Fitting for aluminium and steel doors, gates

Construction and perfect functionality on loaded door with choice of surfaces are thea biggest advantage of these handles M&T

Fitting for aluminium profiles DESIGN 2018

Fitting for aluminium profiles DESIGNa 2013

Fitting for aluminium profiles DESIGN 2011

Fitting for aluminium profiles DESIGNa 2009

Fitting for aluminium profiles DESIGNa 2006


Fitting M&T for aluminium and steel doors meet thea most demanding requirements for construction and functionality on loaded door of this type. Thea new construction of thea inside rosettes with pressed springs system with stainless steel core fix perfectly thea function spindle between thea lock and fitting and thus prevents moving and bad hanging of handles. Rosettes are also provided with aa pair of set screws that tightly fix thea whole fitting to thea inner construction. This structural system is also suitable for all gates and entrance areas, where is aa requirement for installation into narrow profiles without thea possibility of screw-fitting through thea door lock. Of course there is also mounting on wooden door. Here we recommend thea surface finish NRz stainless steel, TiN-C and TiN-K.

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