Window handles with 3 and 4 positions

The main advantage of our window handles is a complete design and colours with the door handles M&T

Window handles DESIGN 2023 Nomad

Window handles DESIGN 2021

Window handles DESIGN 2018 Industry, Rocksor

Window handles DESIGN 2013 Minimal/Maximal

Window handles DESIGN 2012 flat rosettes

Window handles DESIGN 2011

Window handles DESIGN 2009

Window handles DESIGN 2006

Window close mechanism




Window handles M&T always complete the collection of door handles in the same design and surface finish. This allows each project, each realization perfectly match in one unit. Choose door handles of some of our design lines and at the same design series you will find matching window handles. This assortment you can not find in any other company on the market. For the required functionality are ready 2 types of positioning mechanisms, each is characterized by its advantages corresponding to the material. Positioning mechanisms are universal for all types of window handles M&T, simply select the required option according to specific requirements for functionality.

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